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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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12:39:31 "it's getting out of control needs to stop." stop."" a shooting atttowson university's homecoming leaves one person in the hospital and six people in jail. jail. "that's why we came all the way from baltimore, to come see the baby." baby."sad and shocking newss tonight out of the national zoo in washington, d-c. d-c. vytas says... says... and one jewelers free gift for buying their product... has many people raising their eyebrows.why you'll need a license to use the gift. 3&good evening, i'mmjennifer gilbert.a series of fightss
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break out in towson... as the tigers celebrate homecoming weekend.six people were arrested near campus and one live from the university to explain what happened... and why police say ii's not melinda? apparently towson ssudents and fans got pretty rowdy after yesterday'ssgamee... luckily, the university had beefed up security here around campus. but that dddn't prevent violence rom erupting a few blocks away - at a party hosted by students. students. towson students say they feel safe here at school... and rarely run into trouble around town.12:57:04 "i think living oo campus is very safe... lots whee they heard what happened a few blocks up york roaa saturday night ---many were stunnne.police say fraternity members hosted a party at this pheater... that got out of hand.with drinking....and fighting... officers were scene.mccullough: 20:34 "throughout the evening,
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reports of fights at this location... at least six individuals arrested... at the towson precincted."at one point - man who'd ust left the partyy... made is way to the nearby towson traffic circle... where he approached &pand told him he'd been shott paramedics were called..... he was rushed to the hospital... and is xpected to recover. many today in towson - many wonder what led to the violence. (cut pause) 12:39:31 "it's getting out of control nneds to stop. (take out pause) kids getting reckless, drinking."saturday - as students weren't surprised to heaa about wild parties and drinking...but not a shooting... not in towson.... 13:03:18-32 "it doesn't concern me because i don't see it as recurring thing... probably just because it was homeccming... i'm not sure." 3 police say many of the people recher theater were ot towson went to school here. but eeen
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phey're hoppng to get some leads from students at the the way - thooe six people arrested at the party -- 3 are beinn charged with assault... 2 with disorderry conduct... and one was arrested with drugs.llve in towson - melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. police also need your help in finding the person who shot a man in north baltimore last night. áantoine sellersá was found lying in the middde of the street on wilsby avenue near dumbarton avenue. he'd been hospital. anyooe with the - information is aaked o call police. a pooice officer sayssa man morning in dundalk.paul gessler reports what happened next has the officer and his partner on administrative leave. leave. roy: 9:07 "it's a very quiet, dead-end street."late- night dundalk caused roy and his - wife to call 9-1-1. roy (con't): "iffyou don't live
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down here, you shouldn't be coming downnhere 2-3 in the morning."roy didn't want to show his face on camera.he said three yyung men were outside his window.roy: 9.25 "never dreamed it was gonna turn out like this, though. never dreamed."it turred out pollceeshowed up quickly, caught up with one of the men, then began to question him. roy: 8.11 "and, i heard twoo pops, and that's when all the other police officers showed up."paul gessler, reporter: 12.52 "thooe two pops led to pools of blood right here on seaside road. the suspect died punged for the officers gun ma it was the officer's partner ..- who then opened fire.roy: 10.31 "if the police ask you to do something, you do that." the identity of the man is not being released tonighttpolice are trying to track down his family.roy: 10.42 "just shows yoo on a day-to-ddy basis what pind of danger they facee"in dundalk, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. baltimore county police say they are not looking for any other suspects.againn the two officers involved are on administrative leave while the investigation continues. baltimore police officers joined together in
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one of their own. officer ira weinnr was honored at the áshomrim society of marylandá to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of his death. &pofficer weiner was shot in th pine of duty in west baltimore back in 19-92. but family members say coming to terms with his death is still very difficult. "thhssyears its been very difficult. tte last five days have probably been the worst five days of my life and when memorial in jewish thee say this is a itzvah which means its a blessing that after 20 years ira's still being remembe" remembered..the man who shot officer wiener...was shot and killed by police. the teen who was shot on the first day of school at peery hall high school is back homm...and he's getting a lot of help with his recovery. yesterday daniel borowy made his first public outing since being released from the hospital just days ago. he was
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invited to a boat party that was also a fundraiser that wwll help daniel and his family payyfor is mounting medical bills. most of the people who've donated have never met daniel... but say they simply wanted to help. daniels parents say the a miracle. the issue of immigration, at the forefront of a national conference in baltimore. baltimore. the 5th annual national immigration conference brings together leeders anddadvocates from across the country. they pay their mission this year is to put politics and controversy aside....and focus on the tools that will alloo immigrants to function fully in their commuuities. governor martii o'malley also brought his message there. "we certainly need to do a betteerjob at restoring that rational immigration policy that allowed in manyycases our own parents and grandparents to come here play by the rules apply for citizenship and raise their children in the full light of the american drea" dream."governor o'mally supports maryland'' "dream act."maryland voters will
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decide in nnvember whether to extend in state tuition benefits to the childden of illegal immigrants. as the baltimore ravens prepared for tonights game against the patriots... they were dealing with tragedy.the brother of wide receiver torrey smith was killed in a motorcycle accident just before midnight last night. 19- year- old tevin jones died early this morning after the accident in west moreland county in northeass virginii. there was some question as to whether torrey would play in morgan adsit confirmed he own - would indeed play.head coach john harbaugh issued this state. statemenn...this is devastatingly sad, sad news. torrey and his family are a close, special family, and ur hharts and thoughts reach out to all of them. them.our hearts ache today.we pray for tevin, his mother, torrey and the rest of the family.god bless tevin. many ravens and fans were gearing up for today's big matchup against the patrrots. and we caught up with several excited tailgaters outside of m and t bank sttdium...who ayythey never mmss a game.
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game."we cooe here every, eeery game. we are the center location for peoppe that come by thee know that we are the i describe us a such because we're here every game under 295 you can't miss us." us."the loser of the game falls to one nd two in the a perfect day to be tailgating... and it's perfect football weather tonigh. tonight.chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a look at the skies right now... vytas. 3
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afttr 15 years of no orioles's been here all season...and the orioles are in a battle to keep that magic for another monnh in the post season.morgan adsit joins us morgan. baseball's long season...162 games.the only sport where you can say...noo every game counts....until there's a post season hunt.every game from here on out matters for the's the difference betweee october baseball...or a longer off season. bbg one here in 9...o's down 2-1...jim thome launches it to right...bounces into the stands for a ground rule double...mark reynolds has to stop at 3rd...o's haae
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2nd and 3rd with one out.... after an intentional wwlk... manny machado has basss loaded...easy grounder to first...they get the out at home...o's down to their final out....ryan flaherty watches strike three to end the game... red sox nap the o's 6 game winning streak...2-1... 3 all theewildcard all the wildcard action out of the american a ravens updatt.that's coming up later in sports unlimited. 3 a montgomery county police officer on administrative leave after he strikes a student with his parents are saying. students diamonds may beea girls best friend.... the other big ticket item this sttre is offering if
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with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. book today at from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. the attack on the u-s consulate in libya on september 11-th appears to be a joint operation between al-qaeda affiiiates ii afrrca and the islamist militia. evidence so far points to insider elp. one source says americans were left on their own to defend the consulate.
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peeublican congressman mike rogers suggests the terrorists targeted the consulate on 9- 11, because they had a tip that the ambassador was there. the ''mothee'''of the 15 year old gaithersburg studentt. struck by a police cruiser friday night...says her of the happened just outside watkins mill high out.. following a football ke, the victim's family provided ''pictures' of the girl's injuries... a warning... some of the pictures are graphic.joon henrehan has the story. story. shortly after the ootball ended, friday night, series of fights boke out on nearby streets. eight police officers were already there, but they called for backup. lights on were driving towarr (wwich is adjacent to the school property).bite, 00.07.49 "at one point, a 15-yeer-old female sttdent (from watkkns mill) stepped off theecurb and walked or ran between two of the cruisers who were
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rrsponding on that street." 00.08.03 (:14)sophomore jjnaya [juh-naa-uh] richards wws struck by the second police car driven by cpl. ray bennett. freshman junior sassa says the sound of the very loud.[backtime?] bite, homee walking down here to meet my mom across the street. loud smack. and then we thought it was a gunshot. everybbdy ran." (:08)police officers administered first aid until an ambulance took the student to suburban hospital, where she remains in the intensive care unit. janaya richards suffered signiffcant head trauma, and... bite, 00.14.08"she does have sooe pelvic damagg. she has a fracture to the right side of her pelvic bonn. um, sheedoes have some bleeding in her jumping as to a concern about. they're keeping an eye on it. they're doing annmri every few hours." (:15)) [hhld video?]rosita richards is hopeful her daughter will recover fully.the police department's accident reconstruction unit is investigating the incident.
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cpl. bennett is on administrativv leave. mrs. richards suupects what happened was simply an accident.bite, 00.15.37"there was juut a lot of chaos going sure her mind was on a lot of things that were going on. ann it just... she went on actionn you know, without thinking first. so, it's just one of those tragic, unfortunate events that happen. no pointing blame at either party." (:17) rosita richards says, so far, her daughter janaya has almost no recollection of the incident that has put heerin intensive car. the national zoo in washington is mourning the death of one of its newest members. the giant panda cub born just last week died thii morningg zoo officials say panda keepers heard sounds of distress from ámei xiangá, the cubs mothhr. they don't know yet why the cub died, especially since it seemed to pe doing well after it was born. "would like to note that when we were able to get our hands on the cub, the ccb looked just abulous, there were no
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externaa signs of trauma, no signs of clinical illness or disease, nor haddwe seen anything that would in the past few days, or past couple of, well the past 24 hours to indicate that anything was wro" wrong."zoo officials say ámei xiangá is doing fine.but the ppnda eehibit is closed until zoo officials are sure that she is safe and healthy. trader joe's issues a recall... what's wrong with their peanut butter and how they plan to make things right with theirrcustomers. 3 tte agic of disney may be closer than you think. why taking a cruise on this new ship could save you monny...without sacrificing puxury.
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cruise might be just whht you're looking for.the new disney cruise ship set sail yesterday from texas.the disney magic lines usually set sail out of florida or california. but the new port casts a wider net of tourism opportunities.there are several luxury touches on the ship -- including a rainforest spa and opulent ining rooms... even one for adults only. 3 you've heard f companies giving away free gifts with a purchass of theirrproduct? well... wait until you see what you get a one diamond sttre when you make a purchase... 38-44"if they rraaly want to make a change, the idea should be chhnge - effective change - not just expression of anger." anger.""ooe than ust your typical advertisement inside a new york subway statioo... why ome muulim activists are calling it hate speech.
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pnc bank. trader joe's recalls its house brand of peanut butter over fears of possible salmonella co. contamination.the voluntary recall of trader joe's creamy salted valencia peanut butttr was announced friday.officials with the specialty grocery chain said theyywere acting "out of an abundance of caution," stressing thattthere are no confirmed reports of &pcootamination..raddr joe's is a controversial advertisement that critics say is hateful
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towards uslims...will appear in new york city subway stations starring monday.anna kooiman has more on the controversiallads. ads. during a volatile time for the uniteddstates... some people are concerned the controversial ads going up tomorrow in 10 subway stations around new york city... may park more unrest... overseas or here at home. the ads read "in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad." muslim activist groups have called them 'hate speech.' ghouse says: "if they really idea shouud be change - effective change - not ust frustration." ppaela geller... a blogger who headed a campaign two years agg to block construction f an islamic center near ground zero is beeind the provocatiie adss.. she says the ad campaign was planned well before the recent miidle east violence erupted... and emphasizes she is ánotá against all mussims.. just exxremismgeller says: "the
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assassination of ambassador stevens was savagery. any war on the innocent civilian is savagery." the metropolitan transportation authority -- which runs the city's subways -- tried to block the ads from goiig up... but geller sued... and a judge agreed, citing the first ammndmenn and free speech. the m-t-a gave this statement:"our hands are tied. the court found the mta's regulations on non-commercial ads violated the first amendment. the mta board may consider revising thooe regulations at its meeting next week in executive have already ruu on buses in san francisco... and geller has filed suit in d-c where pfficials have preveeted them &pfrom running on the metro... they will be up in new in new york city. anna kooiman, fox news. a texas man is taking up culinary arts...despite his challenge of being blind. shane west lost his sight 5 diaaetes. but thanks to a state rehabilitative
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program...wwst now trains alongside a team of food prep veterans. and his new focus is chopping ffod at a fast pace. "as ou can see, i'm not perfect! i get a few knicks every once in a while but its all about you gotta thhnk about everything.. which ay your knife's pointed, where your buckets are placed." placcd."witt his guide doo by his side....west is the center of attention as he graduates from culinary school. a georgia jewelry store looking to attract some customers... tties a unique way to get people in the door. buy a diamond -- and get a free hunting rifle!one catch &pthough... the diamond must be worth 25-hundred dollars or more.the owner says he got the idea from a missouri car dealership. 42-53"just all sitting around, thinkinggabout events for the year. e had eard about a car dealer in missouri that had &psuccess with it nd it just sounded like the perfect fitt" fit."geller adds his store is
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nottjust handing out rifles at the counter.customers must go to a local gun dealer to redeem the voucher and follow all laws governing the purchase of firearms. how many kids does it take to tow a 120-ton airliner? almost 300 children and their parents managed to move this boeing 7-87 at tokyo's narita airport yesterday they used a ssries of opes tied to the jet's frame.the man- versus- machine tug- of - war is an annual event intended to boost public interest in aviation. 3 3 dylan bundy makes his major league debut in boston...see how the oriolee 19-year-old phenom did against the red in sports unlimited... [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale. which means our already low fares...are even lower. that's like making the grand canyon...grander. or the great lakes...greater. or the rocky mountains... rockier. you know what i mean.
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place in 1977. 33& 3 that's all for the news at ten... up next morgan adsit tells you if the orioles could &pkeep pace in the american league playoffs in sports unlimited...morgan... cominn up tonight on sports unlimited...the orioles in a heated chase for the division t. titlee..dylan bunny makes his major leegue debut...see how composed the o's 19-year-old was on the mmund....drama in tte 9th inning...the call that helped decide the outcome.... and a crrzy day in the n-f-l... 3 games go to o-t...r-g-3 makes his landover debut...and the replacement refs reach a new low... &p
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